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In many ways, the disability community is unique. Not only in terms of the strength that families develop in dealing with the concerns of having a loved one with a disability, but also in considering the myriad planning issues that must be taken into account when preparing for the future. If we want the best for our family members with disabilities, then we need to explore factors such as their entitlement to government programs, laws that affect them even after they reach the age of majority, and their relationships with siblings and other family members.


For more than 25 years, our team has assisted countless families, lawyers and long-term care consultants in the preparation of plans that help people with disabilities achieve their full potential, while providing the very best quality of life possible. The Bright Future Plan is designed to enhance the well-being of people with disabilities by developing a proactive strategy for their ongoing care and financial support, well before a parent or caregiver’s passing.


Along the way, we’ll highlight the wide range of tools that families with disabled loved ones should consider when developing a long-term care plan. Some of the most important include:

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