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The Bright Futures Plan by Ability Private Client Group. We are a Financial and Estate planning team focused on supporting people with disabilities and their families. As a team of financial professionals, we specialized in disability related financial planning. We understand how the ODSP works and how to protect it. We know the tips and tricks of estate planning that families need to be aware of. We know the ins and outs’ of RDSP’s and how to maximize them. We can explain how the Henson Trust works, why you should set one up and how you can guarantee that money will be available to fund it. We have developed a step-by-step planning process for families and individuals with disabilities to secure their future.

Helping your loved ones live with dignity and achieve their full potential

For a combined 30 plus years, our team has assisted countless families, lawyers and planning professionals in the preparation of plans that help people with disabilities enjoy an optimal quality of life. We established the Bright Futures Plan by Ability Private Client Group to enhance the well-being of people with disabilities and their families by developing a proactive strategy for their ongoing financial support—before and after a parent or caregiver’s passing.

Bright Futures is a collaboration of professionals all of whom specialize in the support of people with disabilities and their families. We are experienced, knowledgeable professionals who understand your concerns and deliver effective, proven strategies. We use a team approach using consultants, lawyers and accountants, and we provide solutions that extend beyond simply drafting a will and establishing a trust account.

We understand your needs

What makes us unique? Each person in our team is either a family member of a person with a disability, or is highly involved in the community. We understand your challenges because we deal with them every day. With a wealth of in-house experience and expertise, you can rest assure that we’re not learning on the job at your loved one’s expense.

We bring the pieces of the planning puzzle together, saving you the time and frustration involved in navigating what can be a highly complex process. Our plans include wills, Henson Trusts, life insurance and investments, RDSPs, planning guides, planning manuals and the many other essential elements of an effective Bright Futures Plan, all tailored to the needs of your family. That includes expansive knowledge of relevant legislation and recent developments. The Trustee Assist Program guides your trustees through the maze of rules and regulations of the Trustee Act and ODSP Act.

We also work to make your experience as seamless and simple as possible. We don’t put you through the stress of finding someone to care for your son or daughter while you meet with us. We are always pleased to meet with you conveniently in your home or on line during the daytime or evenings.

Our Process

Your disability planning dream team

Parents or caregivers of loved ones with a disability need effective advice from a wide range of professionals. We use a team approach when designing your customized Bright Futures Plan. Our team includes consultants, lawyers, insurance professionals, investment specialists, facilitators and tax accountants—all of whom are specialists in planning for people with disabilities—who provide solutions designed to ensure the very best quality of life for your son or daughter with a disability.

We understand that you may already be working with professionals within your own personal network and that not all of these components are needed for your own personal needs. Our goal is to focus and address your unique needs and ensure that we create a comprehensive plan customized for you.

To begin the process, we suggest that you Book a Call with our team.  During the ensuing conversation, we will assist you in determining where you are in the planning process and where you need to focus your future efforts.  From there, we will connect you with the appropriate planning specialists and you can feel confident that your Bright Futures Plan is underway.  Ultimately, you will achieve the piece of mind of knowing that your loved one with a disability and indeed your entire family will have a plan in place that will help you achieve your goals and dreams now and into the future.



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