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How does the team work?

Our team has three core founders and a network of partners. The three founders came together to provide comprehensive financial planning for families and individuals with disabilities. Graeme Treeby, formerly of the Special Needs Planning Group, is a parent of a child with a disability who has spent the last 30 years travelling across Ontario conducting seminars and setting up plans with families. When Graeme wanted to transition into retirement he partnered with Derrick and Erin who had existing practices to continue to provide planning with families and to offer additional financial planning services.

Derrick Lee-Shanok is the Investment Advisor on our team. Derrick can work with you on just RDSP planning or your overall wealth management. Erin Blair, a Certified Financial Planner, is the life insurance specialist on the team who works with families to share ideas with them on how to use insurance as a vehicle for saving for their loved one’s future. Kirsten Bell is our Bright Futures coordinator and has spent the last decade running early childhood education schools and is here to ensure a smooth client experience for all our families.

We use a team approach because we believe three heads are better than one. Each member on our team is an expert in their field and brings with them a wealth of knowledge. Together we have a combined 50+ years of experience in this planning space. We have both firsthand personal and professional knowledge, and we are regularly called upon to provide webinars and articles in the disability planning community. We are the experts in planning for families of loved ones with disabilities; we are not learning at your expense. We have the answers.

Derrick Lee-Shanok

Investment Advisor

Derrick Lee-Shanok is dedicated to helping his clients establish solid investment foundations for financial stability and security, Derrick Lee-Shanok is the principal Financial Advisor of Ability Private Client Group.  Derrick started in the financial industry in 1998 with TD Canada Trust before branching out and starting his own private client group in 2008, focusing on disability-related financial planning.  His interest in supporting the disability sector began with the support of family members diagnosed with Autism. It further grew as he realized the unique needs and specialized financial planning required to secure the future of a person diagnosed with a disability.   Derrick is a member of the Mutual Fund Dealers Association of Canada as well as a Life Insurance Advisor and Certified Portfolio Engineer.

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Erin Blair

Financial Planner

Erin Blair is a Certified Financial Planner and the Insurance Advisor for the Bright Futures team. Erin focuses on educating her clients and taking a holistic financial approach to insurance planning. Through her insurance planning our clients can achieve accessible long-term solutions for their loved ones. Erin strives to give families piece of mind in the planning process. In her off time, she enjoys skiing in the winter and running her hobby farm outside the city.

Graeme Treeby

Disability Advisor

Graeme Treeby is the parent of 3 children, the youngest of whom is named Jenny. Jenny has Cerebral Palsy, Developmental Delay, PDD and a number of other issues. In 1990, he and his wife first entered into the realm of planning for people with disabilities when they attempted to plan for Jenny’s financial future. It was at that point when they came to realize that there were a multitude of questions, but few answers. Since 1993, he has concentrated his efforts on sharing future planning information with families in Ontario specifically with respect to the funding of Discretionary (Henson) Trusts, ODSP,  RDSP’s  and providing a decent quality of life for our sons and daughters with disabilities in the future. As a Life Insurance Broker, he has never had to charge a fee for his services so the information he shares is accessible to everyone no matter what their financial situation. Those who have worked with Graeme have achieved the peace of mind of knowing that their son’s or daughter’s quality of life will continue to be enhanced for their entire lifetime.

Graeme’s other interests have included past service on the Board of Directors of Community Living York South, and serving on various committees within that organization.  He also spent 14 years as a disability/financial consultant with the Ontario Federation for Cerebral Palsy. 

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Kirsten Bell




Our partners are experts in their field who we can connect clients with to complete essential parts of the planning we cannot do. If you have your own professionals in this field, we can work with them. If you currently working with experts in this field, we can connect you with the professionals listed below.  

PooranLaw Professional Corporation

PooranLaw is led by a group of like-minded lawyers who have devoted the majority of their personal and professional lives to promoting inclusion, enhancing the lives of people with disabilities and working to improve the greater social good.

Kelly Casey, Independent Facilitator


Jason Friesen, Managing Partner/Mortgage Agent: Outline Financial


As a financial professional, Jason brings a wealth of knowledge, expertise, and experience to the Outline Financial Team. After studying marketing at George Brown College and obtaining his Professional Financial Planner certification in 2005, Jason worked as a senior underwriter with the largest non-bank lender in Canada for two years, and then as a Senior Underwriter and loan consultant with one of the largest mortgage brokers in the country.

Jason wants to provide the very best client service experience possible by taking the stress and complexity out of the mortgage and insurance process, while providing clients with the information they need to achieve their short- and long-term financial goals.

In his spare time, Jason enjoys, hiking, cycling, and cooking vegetarian meals with his family.


York Support Services Network

York Support Services Network offers a range of developmental services and mental health programs throughout York Region and South Simcoe.

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