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The Bright Futures Plan by Ability Private Client Group is a Financial and Estate Planning team focused on supporting people with disabilities and their families. In finance as in life, we need plans tailored to our dreams and ambitions. That’s especially true for families and caregivers of loved ones with disabilities. The Bright Futures Plan by Ability PCG brings together a collective of financial professionals to secure your tomorrow by creating a plan today.

Secure your loved ones’ future, today

As parents and family members of people with disabilities, one of our biggest concerns is what will become of them after we are gone or are no longer able to provide care and support.

Will their quality of life continue, or will it suffer? How can we provide the money for the things that they want and need without disqualifying them from receiving government supports? All too often, we ask the questions, but no one can provide the answers. Our mission is to secure your loved one’s tomorrow through proactive planning today.

Strategic Disability Planning

Develop an effective strategy to address your loved one’s needs

Wills, Henson Trusts and Powers of Attorney

Secure your loved one’s future with comprehensive estate planning

Life Insurance, Investments, RDSPs and Tax Planning

Long-term care requires adequate financial planning to ensure a comfortable future.

ODSP, Person-Directed Planning & Passport Funding

The right financial tools are the key to ensuring a disabled loved one’s quality of life

Executor and Trustee Support

Helping your executors and trustees create a sensible and tax-efficient plan.

Covering the full spectrum of services

For more than two decades, our team has assisted countless families, lawyers and planning professionals in the preparation of plans that help people with disabilities achieve their full potential and the very best quality of life possible. The Bright Future Plan is designed to enhance the well-being of people with disabilities by developing a proactive strategy for their ongoing care and financial support.

Learn more about our Bright Future Plan and how it can address your loved one’s long-term needs and concerns.

How to Begin?

If you want to learn more about us and how we can help you plan for the future, please click here to book a call and we can discuss our services to make sure we are the right fit. Please feel free to check out our upcoming events and join a webinar to learn more about our team and knowledge. You may also wish to subscribe to our newsletters to find more about our team and issues concerning our community.

How are we compensated?

We are compensated through the investments we manage and the insurance plans we help you set up. We are not fee-based planners. We have chosen not to be fee based because we feel that we can better advise and guide our clients when we are managing the RDSP or overall investments. In many cases this model is much more cost efficient for clients, and they get an expert providing them with financial and investment advice along the way.

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