We at Bright Futures understand that the planning process can be complicated and confusing. To help with this we offer many free webinars that cover various topics and usually include a Q&A with our planning experts. 

You can sign up for any of these webinars by clicking on the links next to each webinar description

If you work for an organization and would like to organize a custom webinar just for your clients, please e-mail us at info@brightfuturesplan.ca 

Creating Future Income

Tuesday July 6      7:00pm-8:30pm
This webinar will use a case study to show you how to create a future income for yourself or your loved one through proper planning today.

To register, click here.

Ever After

Thursday July 22      12:00pm-1:00pm

Learn about what happens when the caregiver passes away. We will take you through a case study to show how the Bright Futures Plan unfolds to provide for your loved one when you are gone. 

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